We increased the strength of the chassis by introducing a revised rear cross member and additional diagonal supports for the rear bulkhead. These provide vital support
to the rear bulkhead structure - preventing it folding backwards in an accident.

The original rubber bag fuel tanks had begun to leak so instead of replacing like for like at a huge cost and limited life span we designed special aluminium tanks with extra capacity to replace them.

Whilst this work was being carried out the owner also opted to have Weber 48IDA carburettors installed to release extra horse power from the engine these coupled to the bespoke cross over exhaust fabricated in the workshop really make this GT40 replica special. Other areas we improve or redesigned were the braking system, gear change, exhaust system and fire extinguisher system.

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CAV Ford GT40

The CAV GT40 replica uses a stainless steel monocoque chassis. The owner of this car wanted to be able to drive to the race track, then spend a day on the track and drive home afterwards. In standard form the CAV can benefit from a lot of development.