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This CAV GT40 has been extensively developed by Taylor Automotive over the last
few years. It is an exceptionally nice road car capable of conveying you long
distances quickly and in comfort.

The Cape Advanced Vehicles (CAV) GT40 originates in South Africa and is unique amongst GT40 replicas in as much that its construction is a stainless steel monocoque. Most other replicas feature a steel box section chassis. One of the design parameters CAV specified for their cars was the ability to fit a taller driver (6ft+).
This is achieved by a lowered floor and an adjustable pedal assembly. This particular chassis benefits from increased strengthening to the rear radius arm pick up points which was carried out by us after the original mounts cracked. These points on a standard chassis need to be checked regularly for cracks. Another development in
this car is that the engine has been lowered to improve the centre of gravity which allows the engine to breathe better through its TWM throttle bodies.

Unlike the original GT40's the gear change is in the centre of the car and features
an original style billet aluminium mechanism. The gearbox is an RBT ZF as used in
the original race cars - this one features a high fifth gear and final drive ratio to give excellent high speed cruising. The front suspension has been upgraded from standard non adjustable bushes to fully adjustable rose jointed wishbones with increased castor and zero bump-steer. Damping is provided by double adjustable Koni Classic dampers - these provide excellent ride quality on the road and can be adjusted to give maximum grip on a track. Braking is achieved by 6 pot Wilwood calipers at the front and 4 pot calipers at the rear. A modified pedal assembly gives excellent pedal feel which inspires confidence.

The engine is a 351 Ford V8 that has been stroked to 392 cubic inches (6.4L).
We estimate the power of this engine to be around 400hp with huge reserves of
torque due to the increased cubic capacity. Fuelling and ignition is taken care of by
an Omex ECU with a high output AEM coil per plug. The engine features a dry sump oil system with an oil thermostat and cooler to ensure the oil is at the correct operating temperature in all conditions. A remote oil filter allows fitment of a larger high flow
oil filter. The exhaust system is of the cross over variety and is ceramic coated. Silencing is achieved by a lightweight aluminium and stainless steel tuneable silencer.

Cooling of the engine is taken care of by a large aluminium radiator in
conjunction with an electric water pump - this car does not overheat like
so many other GT40 replicas.

To keep the occupants cool this car features an improved air conditioning system.
The standard CAV system struggles to keep the cabin cool at low vehicle speeds.
This system has a larger air con radiator which increases cooling capacity and has been proven to work on some very hot days last year.

The original leather seats copy the style of the originals with multiple eyelets to
allow air to the drivers posterior and back. These have been modified to accept
a crutch strap as part of the 5 point racing harnesses.

This car benefits from having redesigned, upgraded rear stub axles which were manufactured after the failure of the standard items these also allow the use
of larger outer CV joints.

The car has recently been serviced and MOT'd at Taylor Automotive.

We are advertising this car on behalf of our client and as such are authorised
to answer any questions and demonstrate to interested parties.

Offers in the region of £****** are invited. SOLD

Further details about some of the development work that we have carried out on this car can be seen in the developed cars section of this website. (Click here)



  1. Rose jointed fully adjustable wishbones front & rear

  2. Increased front castor with billet steel steering arms to remove bump steer

  3. Koni double adjustable dampers with height adjustable spring platforms


  1. Wilwood calipers all round - 6 piston front, 4 piston rear.

  2. Modified pedal assembly for improved brake pedal feel

  3. Servo assisted with electronic vacuum pump

  4. Electronic handbrake


  1. Ford 350w V8 stroked to 392cu (6.4L)

  2. Sequential fuel injection

  3. TWM throttle bodies

  4. Omex 710 series ECU

  5. AEM coils (1 per plug)

  6. Dry sump oil system

  7. Peterson/Taylor Automotive large capacity oil tank

  8. Ducted oil cooler

  9. Dual LC1 Lambda sensors

  10. Ceramic coated exhaust headers

  11. Lightweight aluminium silencer (tuneable - silenced or straight through pipes)

  12. Electric water pump

  13. Plumbed in electronically activated fire extinguisher

Fuel system:

  1. Twin, switchable aluminium foam filled tanks

  2. Each tank holds approx 40L

  3. Two carter low pressure lift pumps

  4. 3.5L reservoir/swirl tank

  5. Walbro high pressure fuel pump

  6. Fuel Lab pressure regulator


  1. ZF RBT gearbox

  2. Ratios:

  3. 1st 2.23

  4. 2nd 1.47

  5. 3rd 1.14

  6. 4th 0.846

  7. 5th 0.655

  8. Final drive: 3.56:1

  9. Hybrid rod/cable gear change system

  10. Up-rated Taylor Automotive stub axles - larger GKN CV joints

  11. 17" Halibrand style centre lock wheels

  12. Michelin Pilot tyres


  1. Air conditioning

  2. Adjustable pedals

  3. Leather seats

  4. CAV GT40's can accommodate taller drivers >6ft

  5. Smiths gauges

  6. Removable steering wheel

  7. 5 point Luke harnesses