CAV Ford GT40

The CAV GT40 replica uses a stainless steel monocoque chassis. The owner of this car wanted to be able to drive to the race track, then spend a day on the track and drive home afterwards. In standard form the CAV can benefit from a lot of development.

Developed Cars

Here’s a selection of featured cars showing some of the work we have undertaken. If you have a car that would benefit from our development please contact us.

Jaguar D-Type

This Realm engineering D type came to us initially as a test bed for a fuel injection system that we are developing for a well known fuel system company. The fuel injection system running on this car is quite unique but as it is still under development I cannot go into any further detail.

1965 TVR Griffith

This 1965 racing Griffith came from America and is therefore left-hand drive. In order to race this car in this country we had to carry out some fairly significant changes to much of the car Including modifications to the roll cage, fuel system, electrical system and the installation of a fire extinguisher system.

Triumph GT6

This is my personal car. I fell in love with the shape before
I learnt to drive and it was the first car I bought, it was in a
sorry state and needed a complete restoration and that's what
I intended to do - I got a bit carried away!

This car has become part of my CV - it show cases the
kind of engineering and quality that I aspire to.

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1968 Bullitt Mustang

Built from a new shell to 1968 specification this Mustang is a
copy of the car used in the Steve McQueen film Bullitt.

We have improved upon the originally 60's design by using some off the shelf upgrade parts and by making our own bespoke parts.


CAV GT04 DTC has been a regular in the workshop over the past few years. It is now a highly developed CAV far in advance of what left the factory. Here are some details about a few of the items that have been re-engineered on this car.