Geoff Taylor - Founder & Technical Director

From an early age Geoff showed a natural leaning towards engineer - constantly
dismantling items that interested him. He has built Jet engines from car turbo's,
steam engines from scrap and his own dyno cell to develop his GT6 engine.

Graduated with a Degree in Automotive systems from Kingston University in 2003.

Worked with Frank Catt at Wealden Engineering for 7 years - learning the practicalities
of building cars. He put this knowledge to good use when he completed the
build of his highly developed Triumph GT6.

His favourite part of the job is designing new parts to solve problems more than
likely involving the use of computer aided design.

His current project is to re-design the front suspension of a 1965 TVR Griffith
so that he can share drive it with the owner in two driver races in the UK.

When he gets the opportunity he enjoys mountain biking and various
other interesting outdoor pursuits.

Taylor Automotive - Team


Taylor Automotive Engineering

Unit 3 Willow Farm

Scrapers Hill


East Sussex


Telephone: 01825 873578


John Moore - Engine builder & all round clever chap

John formally worked at Crosthwaite & Gardiner, engineering and putting together
some real exotic engines. He is now semi retired and has gained a good reputation
for building Coventry Climax engines. So building the odd XK engine for us is easy,
he also knows his way around a Superflow dyno which is quite useful.

In his spare time he enjoys fiddling with almost anything mechanical,
particularly if its Italian and has a Fiat badge on it!

Geoff Letts - Car Builder

Whilst Geoff was studying Engineering he supported his older brother when he went racing rather than competing himself, this hands on approach proved a great learning ground and led to full time employment in the Engineering / Automotive / Motorsport industry. First as a chassis fabricator building replica Cobra’s, then into customer and in-house race car builds. Eventually the corporate world beckoned and a successful career in Engineering Sales was forged and allowed a return to racing. Initially class wins with his brother in Group N saloons, then Mini 7 and most recently an FIA spec Mk1 Lotus Cortina. Geoff has always built his own race cars and has experience of all 3 principle disciplines. Single seaters, sports cars and saloons. And success with each. So when not organising his social life, riding his bike or racing his car he can turn his hand to most tasks and get the job done. He also likes reading, socialising, going to the cinema and travel. But racing the Cortina somewhere in Europe is best!

Louis Pilch - Consultant Engineer

Trained in the Army as a Vehicle Mechanic serving in operations including Iraq, his work led him to work with nearly every motorised vehicle the Army had and in his spare time working as Chief Mechanic for the Armed Force Rally Team. When he left he went on to study ‘Motorsport
and High Performance Engineering’ and this culminated in a degree from Coventry University.

His full time job is with Ricardo's - Engine and Drive Train development. He specialises
in working with the Oddball and sometimes more complex development projects including
projects like Gasoline Spray Guided Direct Injection Research and their control systems
or turning a Freelander into a Range Extended Electric Vehicle (REEV), which included
integrating a Fiat 500 Engine to act as a generator.

In his position for Ricardo's Louis has worked for manufactures including Jaguar,
McLaren and Red bull. At Taylor Automotive Louis deals with computer simulations
of new parts, engine electronics and provides another brain to bounce ideas off of.

He has a passion for Land Rovers and most outdoor adventure pursuits such as
mountain biking and rock climbing.

Willem Felger - Chief tea maker & dogsbody

Retired RAF fast-jet navigator - mostly F4 Phantom. Self taught amateur mechanic since
restoring his 1937 Morris 8 Tourer 50+ years ago. He has rebuilt several Triumph TR's,
a Lagonda 2 Litre Tourer and a Morris Minor Traveller. Likes engines and chassis - scared of
modern electronics. Drives a 1959 Triumph TR3A and a 1995 Mercedes SL280. Apart from playing with old cars Willie also enjoys shooting, golf and offshore sailing.